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Bow Home Comfort Systems Website Redesign and SEO Project


Bow Home Comfort Systems was unhappy with their website, so they came to to help them with a website redesign. The website lacked warmth and charm and it wasn’t connecting with homeowners the way Russ Bow wanted it to. The information had an American slant because it had been designed by an American company. It was a big turn-off for their Canadian clients and prospective clients. Bow Home Comfort Systems serves London Ontario and surrounding area home owners, so the website only had to appeal to that specific local audience.


Digging a bit deeper into the project, it became obvious there was a lot of incomplete information. There were a whopping 66 pages in total, but most of the pages had no more that 20 words. Not good from an SEO point of view. You see, 300 words is the minimum word count for a web page, so the fact there were so many pages with a low word count was actually hurting their SEO. It was obvious that not only was a website redesign needed, but SEO would play a big role in the scope of the project.

To get a handle on SEO, uses a great tool called Ubersuggest. Created by digital marketing guru Neil Patel, they have a free version if you want to try it on your own website. It includes a great Site Audit tool that scores your on-page SEO, estimates your monthly traffic, shows how many keywords you rank for and shows your backlinks. There’s so much more, so check it out.

We gathered all the information from the old site. Then, we took the best information and wrote 7 foundational pages about heating & cooling (that’s one of the keywords we wanted to rank for). The previous blog posts were of little to no value, so they were discarded. New, better, high volume keyword relevant content was created to replace the 66 pages. Developing content is an ongoing process, so it’s important to keep adding more keyword relevant content to your website. It helps with your SEO and educates or delights your visitors. Develop an editorial schedule so you keep on track with achieving better SEO.

A big part of creating trust with prospective clients is social proof. We featured his HomeStars reviews because, well, he has so many of them! Highlighting his social proof was really important. They are from real people and they can’t be made-up. It really helps his visitors to trust his company at a glance. We also featured his HomeStar Awards for the past 4 years. It shows how long he’s been one of the top providers for Heating and Cooling and HVAC services for homeowners.

To round things out, a FAQ was incorporated into the site. It’s one of the best performing pages on the site. It allows your website to field common queries that your customers have about your business and is another way to reach out and connect with your target audience.


Bow Home Comfort was a great website redesign project for But it was more … it was a lesson in how to optimize the SEO to be more effective by reducing the number of pages and increasing the quality of the content. It really highlighted how more isn’t necessarily better. Visit the site.


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October 10, 2022