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Why SEO matters

SEO takecareofmysite.comYou just launched your business’ beautiful, unique website. It has a built-in video player, custom photography and amazing blog posts. It’s sure to succeed! Time to kick back and watch as your site’s visitors convert to customers. But there’s one problem, your new website doesn’t have any visitors! With more than 1.3 billion websites online today it’s tough to get noticed. And no matter how unique and niche your business is, there are businesses competing for that same web traffic. This is why SEO matters. Even if your website isn’t new, SEO is an ongoing process to improve your rank, and then maintain it. It’s estimated Google updates its’ algorithm 500 to 600 times a year, try keeping up with that!

SEO basics

So let’s start with the basics, and whenever you feel like you know enough about SEO you can move on, but we hope you’ll read right to the end. SEO or Search Engine Optimization in simplest terms is the practice of making it easier for people to find your website, without knowing about it. How do people find websites without knowing the specific web address? They go to a search engine, usually Google, and type something called a query, into the search bar. Next, the user is presented with a list of websites the search engine believes to be relevant to their query. This is called a Search Engine Results Page or SERP. The order, or rank in which the websites appear is determined by how relevant they are to the query. You’ve probably already done this at least once today, maybe that’s even how you ended up here. The point of that explanation was to introduce you to a couple concepts:

  • SEO means Search Engine Optimization
  • SERP refers to Search Engine Results Page
  • Rank is how close you are to the first spot, and it’s what this whole game is about

The purpose of SEO is to make your website rank higher in the SERP. Why is this important? When was the last time you actually made it to the second page of Google search results? If you can’t recall, you’ve joined 75% of other online users who never click past the first page. Even page one simply isn’t good enough to reach today’s online market. 60% of users never make it past the top 3 spots. But you’re a small local business, SEO and SERP and rank, these things aren’t relevant to you. Think again! 50% of users who perform a search with local intent, visit a brick and mortar store related to that search within one day. If you’re not present in that search, 50% of customers probably don’t even consider you in their buying decisions.

In fact some might argue SEO is even more vital to small businesses because it’s their chance to compete with big competitors. You don’t buy time at the number 1 spot on Google, you get there by consistently delivering valuable content.

Now you know what SEO is and why it’s important. How it’s performed is a vast and ever-changing topic. If you’re interested in on-site SEO, off-site SEO, local SEO, keyword research, long tail keywords, white-hat or black-hat SEO feel free to contact us, we love to talk about this stuff. But for the purpose of this post we’re not going to into those details.

Where we come in

At takecareofmysite.com, we treat SEO as a compass to guide our marketing strategies. It’s not a focus, your customer is always the focus, but it is a strong influencer in all the services we offer.

  • We design websites to optimize technical SEO and make sure your site is indexed by the search engines, without any errors.
  • We create content for your site that will be recognized as relevant to the search queries your customers are performing.
  • We schedule regular site checks and perform the required maintenance to make sure everything stays running smoothly.
  • We design comprehensive marketing strategies that are guided by SEO and evolve along with it.

SEO is a lot of work! But it’s definitely worth it. But all that work will only pay off if the other dimensions of digital marketing are invested in equally. takecareofmysite.com offers packaged services that address digital marketing as a whole and can be tailored to suit any business’s needs and budget. Contact us today to learn which packages would best suit you.  

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