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Catulpa Community Support Services Website Redesign and SEO Project


Catulpa Community Support Services is a mighty organization, one that has helped many people through tough times. For years, they have been providing vital services to the community. They also had a website that was outdated and in need of a makeover. That’s when they reached out to us for a website redesign that would be both user-friendly and efficient.


Unfortunately, when Catulpa Community Support Services approached us about their website, they were quite a ways down the road with another developer. Their experience left them without the results they were hoping for. In fact, it left them with a project in disarray with some content either lost or partially accounted for. Loving a challenge, we jumped in with both feet and came up with a new layout and a way to manage their well over 100 pages of content.

The first task was to design a new layout that highlighted the different services offered by Catulpa. An easy way for users to navigate the considerable amount of the content was developed using colour coded sections. It allowed users to always know which section they were on in the website. The homepage was streamlined making it easy to find news and events and keep visitors up to date on the latest changes and programs available. An interactive magazine for their reports was incorporated into the site so users could flip through the pages online or download them if needed.

Since their site was close to 10 years old and used a different coding and scripting language, each page had to have new meta titles and descriptions when it was switched over to a WordPress site. Images had to be optimized and alt tags added to them as well. All of these measures are called on-page SEO. Seeing as new content is created on a regular basis, it was important for them to be trained on how to keep up with this important task. This has helped to increase the number of people using CCSS’s resources, and it’s made their job much easier.

Their Facebook social media feed was included in the footer of the site to help keep their followers up to date on news, ongoing workshops and what is current in the special needs space. It encourages a sense of community.

CCSS then had one more challenge for us. They wanted to use the website as a resource for their board of directors. We came up with a solution to allow board members access to agenda’s and other pertinent files that any board would need to manage their affairs.

Conclusion is proud of the work we did for Catulpa Community Support Services and take our hat off to the services they offer the community. Their website was brought to the current standards for websites and simplified the enormous amount of content they distribute for the special needs commmunity. Visit the site here.


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April 18, 2019