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Catulpa Community Support Services

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Catulpa Community Support Services website design by takecareofmysite.com

When Catulpa Community Support Services approached us about their website, they were quite a ways down the road with another developer, without the results they were hoping for. Loving a challenge, we jumped in with both feet and came up with a new layout and a way to manage their well over 100 pages of content, a way to promote their numerous events and a blog so their users can keep up to date about the changes that happen in support services. We also gave them an interactive magazine for their reports so users can flip through the pages online rather than downloading (although that options there too!)

It had to be easy to navigate so colour coded sections and landing pages with images and simple titles made it easy to find what you’re looking for. The drop down menu structure allows for a quick way to navigate around the site if you know what you’re looking for.

Since their site was close to 10 years old and had been created in a different coding language, a SEO strategy was needed.

Visit the site here.


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April 18, 2019